• Image of 'A Dirty Dozen' 12 Turkey Bags
  • Image of 'A Dirty Dozen' 12 Turkey Bags

Sam Flores' roots in urban expression help him land freelance gigs doing graphics for skateboard and clothing breands. He has done traveling shows to New York, Canada, Singapore, Tokyo and throughout Europe.


-Comes with 12 Turkey bags / Oven Bags
-Measures 18” x 20”
-Weighs 14 grams
-Triple-thick seals and walls
-For use in conventional or microwave ovens
-Has a strong bacterial and fungus barrier
-Resistant to cold, heat, fat, oil, and grease
-Burst-resistant bag seal
-Industrial vacuum/ heat-sealable
-Can withstand temperatures from frozen to 450 F
-Great for storing harvested crops, brining or marinating meat, and compost storage
-Recyclable and Eco-friendly
-BPA Free nylon cooking bag
-For cooking instructions go to www.http://www.tottglobal.com/turkey-bag-cooking-instructions.com