• Image of 'Skin & Bones' Domino Set
  • Image of 'Skin & Bones' Domino Set
  • Image of 'Skin & Bones' Domino Set

Jeremy Fish is a renowned San Francisco based artist whose unique artist style has helped shaped the new wave of the SF art aesthetic. Jeremy designed this unique set of 'Skin & Bones' dominoes, each piece containing art created by Jeremy, ranging from each individual domino to the thoughtfully designed carrying box. Each package comes with a full set of dominoes, a magnetic locking hinged box and a ToTT Global certificate of authenticity.


- 28 Piece Set
- Hinged Box measures 8" x 5.25" x 1.75"

Jeremy Fish - Skin & Bones Dominoes for TOTT Global from TOTT Global on Vimeo.

Shot by Sean Desmond (http://vimeo.com/32121527) Jeremy Fish x ToTT Global Signature Domino Rally promoting the new Skin & Bones Domino Set. Available now at www.tottglobal.com

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