• Image of Triple Power Pin Set
  • Image of Triple Power Pin Set
  • Image of Triple Power Pin Set

3 New pins which are a fractal of Justin Kerson's latest series Signs of Our Time. Emphasizing the mathematical power rooted in a fractal dimension. Each Pin set includes 1 of each of the following Pins

(1) NFPA Rating Expansion Guide 420 Pin
Health Hazard -When 4 is in the Blue square it can be lethal.
Flammability Hazard -When 2 is in Red square it must be heated or high ambient temperature to burn.
Flammability Hazard -When the flower of life is in Yellow the flower holds stable.

Inline with promoting our new cannabis branding Agency. ToolsofthetradeSF.com

(1) And everyones favorite... At least that's what she said, Wet Pussy mini Pin.

(1) Sacred geometry Flower of Life fractal dripping black on chrome swag mini pin.

Actual signs and matching stickers are also available for purchase as well through the contact at www.justinkerson.com

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