• Image of Rollin' High Dice

Created together with artist Mike Giant, the 'Rollin' High' Dice Game is an instant classic. This 3 piece dice set comes packaged in a custom medical container.

UGOD Rollin' High dice game with Frank151 from TOTT Global on Vimeo.

“The official dice that we use for Cee-Lo" - U-God / Wu-Tang Clan

DIRECTIONS: Before you start the game off... you gotta state your rules. 4,5,6 is an Automatic Win.
Automatic Lose is 1,2,3. You roll a 1,2,3 you're outta' here! You lose all your bread, your $$$ is down the tube, you fucked up.
Trips or Trip Traps = 3 of a kind (beats 6 and lower)
With Doubles, the third dice is your score.
(1,1,6 is a 6. 4,4,6 is a 6)
Aces = a score of 1 (the lowest point you can score)

WARNING! Children under 18 not permitted to play
For additional rules & directions and to buy the game, visit tottglobal.com

Artwork by Mike Giant
Directed by Sean Desmond

Rollin' High with Mike Giant for TOTT Global from TOTT Global on Vimeo.

Mike Giant talking about the release of "Rollin' High" the new dice game by TOTT Global available at TOTTGLobal.com on December 1st, 2009.
Executive Producer Justin Kerson
Director Sean Desmond